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The Commission on Disabilities has openings and we welcome applications!

  • An accessible flier with information in English and Spanish can be found here.
  • Information about membership requirements can be found here.
  • Information about the application process can be found here.
  • The online application form can be found here.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in applying to serve on the Santa Cruz County Commission on Disabilities, or you would just like to help us get the word out, please feel free to share this information with your community.


Each County Supervisor appoints two Commissioners to represent their district. Commissioners serve a four year term commencing in April.

District 1: John Leopold

  • A. John Daugherty, Jr. (Chair)
  • Nancy Yellin


District 2: Zach Friend

  • Janet Crosse
  • Stacie Grijalva

District 3: Ryan Coonerty

  • Becky Taylor

District 4: Greg Caput

  • Brenda Gutierrez Baeza

District 5: Bruce McPherson

  • Lynn Stipes
  • David Molina (Vice Chair)